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Launching a redesigned or a brand new website is a thrilling experience that conveys a lot of expectations. This is your dream, that come true and you can't wait to go live and see the response of your customers, friends, colleague and family unit. In this article Sanjay Technologies is a leading Web Design Company in Chennai suggesting, Things to Know before Launching a Website. And let’s see what the things to consider are:
Avoid Feedback before Launching Most of the people can easily fall into this problem, so it is very carefully for you. Before launching a website, getting feedback is not a good idea. The feedback you receive will makes you irritated at the time of development. But it is not a huge matter for Web Development Company in Chennai or designers of the site to create any changes and adjustments. It tells you, how you see your website and how you'll move towards in the future. So don't worry. It is better to launch the website and get feedbacks from your fri…

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Web Development Guidelines that stay trendy in 2018 & Beyond.
1. AI for Web Development to Rise
2. Virtual Reality Will be Popular in Web Development
3. Internet of Things (IoT) Applications to Flourish
4. Static Websites for Online Content
5. JavaScript Usage to Increase
6. Fresh Web Designs
7. Cinemagraphs to Gain Popularity
8. Illustrations Will be Used Abundantly
9. Modular Designs to Stick Around
10. Innovative Parallax to be in Vogue

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Technology support to Expand their Professional Footprint.
1. Increase Web Presence
2. Visibility Boosters
3. Reviews & Rating
4. Define your Services Clearly
5. Complex Trap
Deliver online Services

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Tips to Generate Leads for Your Business via Content
1. Create and share valuable, targeted content
2. Maintain a strong content strategy across all channels
3. Implement clear CTAs in all content